Nashville, Music City, U.S.A., sounds off with performing artists, RADIANCE! The Southern-sophisticated, identical twin ladies, and Tennessee natives, Ralonda Charniece and Rashonda Darniece, bring a soul-stirring common touch. With their songwriting and composing, they emit originality - absolutely, Radiance. They create music that is easy to love with integrity and energy that makes you dance.  Infused with Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop sounds, these ladies have a natural knack for artistry and rhythm.  "Music is an electrifying language and motivator for all generations. Music gives us an escape and crowns us with celebration, no matter our nationality," says Ralonda Charniece. “Music is a reward for those who hear it. Music is a gift for those who create it. Let us encourage positive music,” says Rashonda Darniece. Radiance acknowledges the power of art and music, and it is reflected in the way they execute it. Feel the energy with Radiance, and arise through the pulsating frequency of music.