...An excellent people of exceptional worth, is THE SO FIRE! RAGE.  Though the original "So Fire! Productions," which was created and launched November 12, 2003, hit a hiatus, the visionaries, creators, and Twin Sister administrators, Ralonda Charniece Gooch and Rashonda Darniece Gooch Moore, bring it back under an improved name and a continued mission of building a people who support the movement through the arts.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Twin Sister Soulstresses, also known as RADIANCE, wrote and produced their first community theatrical, musical, and dance production in a local housing community called Haynes Garden located in Nashville, Tennessee in 2001.  Later, on December 6, 2003, they  produced their Hip-Hop musical production, "Glitter And Gold," which was written in 2001, at the Nashville Castle, located in downtown Nashville.  They continued to write and produce showcases and events, as well as CD projects, under "So Fire! Productions" with the  crowned lion logo.

Through the ever evolving entertainment scene in Nashville, Tennessee and abroad, and with world wide changes, RADIANCE plans to execute their mission from a new place of wisdom, growth, and professionalism. THE SO FIRE! RAGE is a people who join RADIANCE's movement with their purchasing power or any form of support, whether in audiences, teams, or crafts.  We're coming up in unity as one, fueling our life through the arts.  We are THE SO FIRE! RAGE!


The So Fire! Rage...We coming... #ONE